5 Things to do on a trip to A-Basin

5 Things to do on a trip to A-Basin

I’ve been a skier all my life: being a skier and living in Texas is tough, it means a lot of travel and long car trips.  About a year ago my dad and I went to A-Basin for a last weekend of skiing before the end of the season.  I’ve learned to make the most of the time in the car, on the slopes, and in the towns we drive through.

1 Car time

Car time isn’t just “omg when are we going to be there?!” there are things to see along the way.  I took some awesome photos of storm clouds over the mountains and plains out the window of the moving car.  I used my Iphone6 and actually got some pretty awesome photos.

2 Leadville

We stopped in Leadville, CO at Melanzana Outdoor Clothing to browse in their store.  All their products are made on site by hand in the shop.  There were a couple people sewing articles of clothing in the back and they’ve got a selection of their *super soft* warm, breathable clothing there.  I ended up buying one of their microgrid shirts and love it as a midlayer on cold days.  When we stepped out of the store it was snowing!!

3 Ski!!

The next day we skied A-Basin.  The views are incredible!  The snow was really nice and we had fun hopping off the cornices into the main trails.  It was such an amazing bluebird day with tons of sun and lovely little white puffy clouds blowing across the sky.  It’s also where I took the photo I’ve used at the top of this blog (and all my social media accounts).  Unfortunately, my boots were hurting me so I only skied the first day.

Dad & I at A-Basin

4 Explore the town

Since my boots really needed some work and I couldn’t ski day two and had a day to play in town.  I went to the Keystone Lodge and Spa and had a massage that was to die for.  Your massage also buys you access to their pools and Eucalyptus sauna – which I took full advantage of.  I left refreshed, pampered and feeling so much better.  I still had the afternoon to myself so I headed over to the Outlets at Silverthorne where I found amazing deals on some new clothes.

The bridge walking from one part of the outlets to another.

5 Explore on the way home

On the way home we stopped in Leadville, CO again to go to the National Mining Hall of Fame.  It’s in a really cool old three story building that used to be the local high school.  They’ve got all sorts of interactive exhibits on mining that were really interesting.  I learned about molybdenum which is mined around Leadville and used in pretty much everything electronic.  I also really enjoyed their display of crystal formations from around the world.  In the last little part of the museum before the gift shop I ran across a display of drafting tools from the 1940s.  I thought it was especially appropriate because at the time I was reading The Fountainhead by Ann Rand that references many of those tools.


We stopped in the gift shop on the way out where I found a rose quartz worry stone with the word believe engraved in it that I still have today.

It ended up being a really cool trip that I’ll remember forever because we took advantage of all the time we had and did things outside the norm.  My dad and I had some great conversations in the car and the amazing, ever-changing scenery was a wonderful reminder to live in the moment and appreciate your surroundings.


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