Three More of My Wholehearted Practices

Three More of My Wholehearted Practices

Love and belonging are irreducible needs of men, women, and children. – Brene Brown

If you haven’t read my post Three of My Wholehearted Daily Practices you may want to start there, this is the second part of this series.

I fully believe wholehearted isn’t an achievement you unlock (I wish) but something that you have to work at daily.  With that in mind, I mindfully work to cultivate behaviors that help me lead a more fulfilling life.  In the first part of this series I talked about: cultivating self-compassion and letting go of perfectionism, cultivating calm and stillness and letting go of anxiety as a lifestyle and cultivating gratitude and joy and letting go of scarcity and fear of the dark.

I really quite like this graphic from Amplify Happiness Now for reference… so here it is again.

Cultivating intuition and faith
– letting go of the need for certainty – 

This one’s still a work in progress.  I’ve yet to have the epiphany that feels right for me.  I’m working on it some with the upcoming travel I’m starting to plan.  I’m doing very minimal planning so there’s more room for improvisation during this trip; it’s a step towards less certainty and more intuition.

Cultivating Authenticity
-letting go of what people think-

I really thought I pretty much had this one down, I’ve always been one who does my own thing without a whole lot of consideration for what other people thought about the matter.  This means people think I’m weird…. a lot – but it’s never really been something that’s bothered me.

I had a little grapple with this particular gremlin though last week or the week before.  One of my friends posted on her Facebook a photo of her with no makeup and no filter as part a campign to raise money for  Rodan + Field’s Prescription for Change Foundation partnering BuildOn. Together they help inner city, at-risk students stay in school, stay off the streets, and go to college.  I checked out the charity and it looks like they’re doing some awesome work and so I thought I’d participate by taking a photo of myself with no makeup and no filter and posting it on my Instagram.  I had just hit 100 Instagram followers that week and was super excited – I posted the picture and almost immediately lost 7 followers.

The photo that caused the fuss…

My feelings were hurt!  What was it about this photo that turned people off so much?  It didn’t take me long to realize that when I uploaded the image to Instagram it was cropped into a square.  I didn’t even think about it when I took the photo but once it was cropped to a square, it looked like maybe I wasn’t wearing a top – and I had captioned the picture “get naked with me!”  Oops!  I considered taking it down but then I decided against it.  That’s me, a little rough around the edges occasionally and to be honest, anyone that easily offended perhaps shouldn’t follow me on social media.

Cultivating laughter, song and dance
– letting go of being cool and always in control –

I lucked out on this one big time: I was raised with laughter, song, and dance being important things.  I remember my parents teaching my brother and I when we were children to two step.  If I remember correctly they were taking dance lessons at the time.  We learned to “Boot Scootin Boogie” right there in the living room.  The song One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater played often on my dad’s record player, complete with us acting out the song – cause seriously, how can you listen to that song and not be silly!? (If you’re not familiar, check it out on YouTube… it’s really a fun thing.)

I’m a dancing kinda person, I’ve been known to do it in the grocery store aisles – grocery shopping with me is not for the feint of heart.  I go out dancing: I aim for weekly.  I now have two sets of friends who dance so there’s almost always someone who’s willing to go out.  I’ve been known to playfully harass friends who aren’t going with texts of #danceislife – which inevitably comes back around… all in good fun of course.  Wanna see what dancing looks like for us?

I guess my point with this one is life’s short, why not enjoy the things you’re doing.

So there they are – active practices I use in my life to live more wholeheartedly cultivating authenticity, intuition & faith, and laughter, song, and dance!  If you got something useful out of this please give it a thumbs up or share it on Faceboook – thanks!





2 Replies to “Three More of My Wholehearted Practices”

  1. Hey Katie! Man, I hate that that was the reaction you got from the Rodan+Field’s #RFGoNaked photo, especially since I didn’t think anything of it! I love my company and those photos were for such an amazing cause–wish they had taken the time to look at it :/ But even the pros still make social media “mistakes”–it happens! Loving your positive self-love posts, and that your content is taking a page (excuse the pun) from Brene Brown, her work is amazing!!!

    1. Hey Katelyn, don’t worry about it – I didn’t think anything of it either and I got a great wholeheartedness reminder lesson 🙂 Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to participate!