Things I’m doing to enable travel – Part 1

Things I’m doing to enable travel – Part 1

I want to go travel the world. There are several things I’m doing to make that happen: learning about travel hacking, moving more towards a minimalist lifestyle, and a whole lot of travel research. This blog entry isn’t about “I did this and it worked and was awesome” so much as these are things I’ve got in progress that I’m working on.

Minimalist Stuff

I decided if I’m going to be traveling a ton, I should probably spend some time cleaning out my house so I can rent it when I’m gone. To that extent, I challenged my dad to a minimalist challenge for the month of August. We’re playing backwards so the first day we got rid of 31 items, the second, 30 etc. The awesome part is it helps motivate me to actually spend time cleaning out every day – even better, once you start sometimes when you hit your number for the day you keep going since you’re on a roll! Bonus! You can follow our journey on social media using the hashtag #minsgame.

My 25 things for 8/7/17

I also decided there had to be creative and fun ways to get rid of things as well. I have a ton of books – but books that get donated to goodwill seem to languish on the shelves, destined for a life of dust and neglect and I didn’t want that. Enter The Book Fairies #ibelieveinbookfairies! They’ve come up with stickers that say “Take this book, read it, and leave it for the next person to enjoy.” I thought it was such a perfect way to give my books a new life and it injects so much joy and whimsy into my life! I ordered stickers and have wrapped my books in ribbon and already done my first drop. Come follow my book fairy journey on Instagram or Twitter (@misadventureK) – I’ll be giving away stickers soon so you can participate too!

My book fairy kit

There you go – those are the things I’m currently working on to make traveling the world a little more feasible: minimalism and the book fairies – next time I’ll talk about what I’ve learned about travel hacking! Wish me luck!!


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6 Replies to “Things I’m doing to enable travel – Part 1”

  1. I think that’s great. Having less stuff makes it easier for traveling and renting, but I think I like my books a little too much…

  2. I have been wanting to get a fairy kit! I would love to be a full time nomad, but I am not sure what I would do for a job. Oh, well. hehe. #gltLove