Things I’m doing to enable travel part 3

Things I’m doing to enable travel part 3

I want to go travel the world. There are several things I’m doing to make that happen: learning about travel hacking, moving more towards a minimalist lifestyle, and a whole lot of travel research. This blog entry isn’t about “I did this and it worked and was awesome” so much as these are things I’ve got in progress that I’m working on.  Part one covers some of the minimalism things I’m doing, part two is travel hacking, part three will be about the travel research I’ve found for Russia and packing light – the plan is carry-on luggage only!

Helpful Research Places

I had several sites I found particularly helpful for planning this trip.  In the early stages of planning I wanted to know what kinds of transportation were available from place to place within Russia.  I used a site called Rome 2 Rio.  It shows available bus routes, airline routes, and car routes from place to place along with approximate times and prices (awesome!).

Rome 2 Rio is powered by one of my favorite airline search engines, skyscanner.  I used skyscanner to find and book flights within Russia.  I also used it to double check I was getting the best deal on the longer haul flights too.

Another awesome site is Kayak, this one I used mostly to get an idea of the cheapest long haul flights (so flying to Russia from here and flying back).  I did not use Kayak to book the flights though, I booked them directly through the airlines website.  A couple of times it was slightly more expensive (<$40) but I get miles in my frequent flyer account and the airline is more likely to be able to help if there’s an issue.  Also this way I was able to log into the airline websites and choose meals and other services I might not have been able to access if I had booked through Kayak.

The last super helpful site I used was one called CWT Vacations.  My Citi Prestige card has a 4th night free benefit and I wanted to know if there were limitations on which hotels they would reimburse (there are).  Fortunately, according to the research I did, all of the hotels you can find on CWT Vacations are eligible for the 4th night free program.

Packing Research

All of the research I did said use packing cubes – so I bought some to try.  I’m not really hoping they’ll compress my stuff, more just help me keep things organized.  They came with multiple sizes so I’ll probably use them like drawers, tops in one and bottoms in another – that sort of thing.  I bought the ones below partially because I liked the design (I thought with the mesh panels it’d be easy to figure out what’s where) but also because they have a lifetime guarantee (so when I break them the company will replace them – score!).  Full disclosure, that’s an affiliate link – if you click it I will earn a tiny percentage of what you buy at no cost to you.

The other big thing that I bought for this trip that I’m excited about is a Lifestraw water bottle. I bought it for a couple of reasons: everything I read said don’t drink the tap water in Russia, lots of blogs recommended carrying your own water bottle to save on buying bottled water, one of the things that’s recommended to help keep you from getting jet-lagged is staying hydrated, but mostly because my tummy doesn’t like it when the mineral content of my water changes.  I’m hoping that because the Lifestraw bottle filters the water the exact same way every time that my tummy will stay happy the entire trip.  If you’re not familiar with the company, check it out!  They’re doing some amazing work in Africa ensuring that kids have safe drinking water at school and your purchase helps fund that project.  So I’m super excited about that.


There you have it, the third set of things I’m doing to help make traveling the world a more realistic and achievable dream!  Got a question? Feel free to ask in the comments or drop me an email!  If you got something useful out of this please share it with your friends on social media (there are sharing buttons on this page) – thanks so much!!