Why you need packing cubes

Why you need packing cubes

I had never really heard of packing cubes before I started researching backpacking and minimalist travel and now I don’t think I’d travel without them…. here’s why:

The goal for this trip was carry-on only luggage. I’ve got a large backpack (Osprey Porter 46) and a small messenger bag and that’s it. However, on the smaller regional flights the overhead bins were too small to hold the fully packed backpack. I quickly solved the issue by removing a packing cube from the backpack and putting it under the seat in front of me.

On my flight from St. Petersburg to Moscow my bag was overweight and so they had me check it.  Fortunately I’d packed all of my medication and absolute essentials in the smallest packing cube and was easily able to pull it from my backpack and carry it onboard with me.

Smallest packing cube containing medication

When I got to my first hotel I simply pulled the packing cubes out of my backpack and popped them into dresser drawers making unpacking super quick.  I’m in my second hotel now and used the same technique – though this time I had one packing cube with clean clothes in it and one I’d zipped up inside out with dirty clothes in it.  It was really helpful to know right off the bat which was which.  When I did laundry in St. Petersburg I just put all my dirty laundry in a packing cube and used that to carry it to the laundromat.  They’ve got a handle on the side and so function well as individual pieces of luggage.

Some people claim packing cubes save space in your luggage… I’m not entirely convinced, but, I think especially if you’re doing a trip with minimal luggage or where you’re trying not to check a bag, or want maximum versatility they’re definitely the way to go.


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